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The Bookstore will remain open during construction for the Dickson Center roof and the atrium skylight. Entrances and exits will be subject to closures, but you may access the bookstore through alternative doors. 

MyMaterials (Inclusive Access)

Correct Course Materials at the Lowest Price!

What Is It?

MyMaterials is Waubonsee's version of an inclusive access program, which is designated to get you the correct course materials at the lowest price! You pay a fee upon registering for particular courses and then get access to the materials you need online on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This program often saves you up to 50% off of standard textbooks.

How it Works

  • Students will register for an eligible MyMaterials class. When paying for the class, students will be charged a fee for MyMaterials (Inclusive Access).
  • Student billing information will be posted to your account.
  • Access to course materials is provided automatically through Canvas for every student registered on the first day of class.
  • Although it is not recommended, students can choose to opt-out during the drop/add period for that course. The week before classes begin, students will receive an email with opt-out information.
  • Students who remain in after the opt-out deadline will continue to have access to the course materials; students who opt-out will have to purchase the course materials elsewhere.

Summer 2024 Courses

View our MyMaterials (Inclusive Access) summer 2024 courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MyMaterials the same as ebooks?

Ebooks are a digital form of book. Inclusive Access materials usually contain interactive content and multimedia in addition to the ebook. Your instructor will decide which additional options you will have for their course.

How do I access MyMaterials?

All materials will be made available through Canvas. An email will be sent to your college email address with access instructions.

When will I be able to see MyMaterials?

Your instructor will decide when to open the course materials to the class. Most typically open access is anywhere from one week prior to the first day of class.

What if I enroll after the first day of class?

Students will have to follow the late enrollment process. Once permission is granted, you will receive access to the course materials upon registration. Please speak with your instructor about your opt-out option.

Can I purchase a print version of the digital textbook?

Additional resource materials, including physical books, may be available for purchase in the Waubonsee Community College bookstores.

Am I required to pay the MyMaterials (Inclusive Access) fee?

Yes. Payment for MyMaterials is due with your tution charges; it is your responsibility to make payments by your scheduled payment due date.

If you choose to opt-out, the charges will be reversed. If you made partial or full payment toward your MyMaterials charges(s) you will receive a refund within 10 business days from when the MyMaterials charge(s) are reversed on your student account. If you have not paid the MyMaterials fees at the time of opting out, the charges will be reversed from your student account, however you will not get a refund.

How do I opt-out and what happens if I do?

AThe opt-out deadline for all MyMaterials (Inclusive Access) courses is the refund date of the course. Registration, Refund & Withdrawal Dates

When you opt-out, access to all online content is disconnected and the charge(s) will be credited to your student account. You are then responsible for obtaining the materials for your class and will no longer be eligible for discounted rates available to the MyMaterials students.

An email will be sent to your college email address with instructions to access or opt-out of MyMaterials (Inclusive Access).

Can MyMaterials fees be added to a payment plan?

Yes, we have payment plan options available. The earlier you register, the smaller your payments. Get more information on payment plans.

Can Can I use my financial aid to pay for MyMaterials?

MyMaterials charges are covered by federal financial aid including Pell Grant and Direct Loans if your aid from these programs is greater than your tuition and fees. The state of Illinois MAP Grant does not cover book charges. If your only aid is from scholarships, one or more of the scholarships would have to allow for book charges. You can view your student account from the Student tab in mywcc.