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MyMaterials (Inclusive Access)

Correct Course Materials at the Lowest Price!

What Is It?

MyMaterials is Waubonsee's version of an inclusive access program, which is designated to get you the correct course materials at the lowest price! You pay a fee upon registering for particular courses and then get access to the materials you need online on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This program often saves you up to 50% off of standard textbooks.

How it Works

  • Students will register for an eligible MyMaterials class. When paying for the class, students will be charged a fee for MyMaterials (Inclusive Access).
  • Student billing information will be posted to your account.
  • Access to course materials is provided automatically through Canvas for every student registered on the first day of class.
  • Although it is not recommended, students can choose to opt-out during the drop/add period for that course. The week before classes begin, students will receive an email with opt-out information.
  • Students who remain in after the opt-out deadline will continue to have access to the course materials; students who opt-out will have to purchase the course materials elsewhere.

Spring 2022 Courses

View our MyMaterials Spring classes for Spring 2022.

Summer 2022 Courses

View our MyMaterials Summer classes for Summer 2022.